• Building with Passion & Integrity
    Granger Construction’s commitment to integrity, customer service and timely project completion has supported the development of strong industry relationships with clients, subcontractors and suppliers. Granger has the resources and the industry support necessary to deliver on all projects it undertakes.
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  • Construction Contractor
    Les Granger has an affinity for construction. “I enjoy building buildings,” Granger said, “and most of the people we build for today appreciate our passion for building. That’s kind of what our lives have been about.”
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  • Hands-On Value
    Granger serves customers with integrity and a commitment to quality.
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  • Murdock Receives 2019 Safety Award
    It’s like a dance between productivity and enforcement. There’s a responsibility for everyone to keep up to date with OSHA regulations, especially new regulations. And, for a project manager to keep the job on schedule.
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  • Construction is an Art
    Granger Built the New Headquarters for Dig Safely New York in Syracuse, NY
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  • Expanding the Existing Footprint in Healthcare Construction
    We are experts in understanding the requirements in the theory and applications of construction principles, irrelevant to the building type.
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