Contract Services

Granger Construction has the experience and flexibility to provide construction services for our clients no matter what contract delivery method is desired. While the goals of each project are different, we provide the best results and exceed expectations no matter what contract method is selected. The main services we offer include:

General Contracting

This is the traditional approach to building a project with a full set of plans and specifications prepared by an owner’s architect. A contract to build is generally awarded through competitive bid or negotiated basis. This provides an owner with a general contractor that is fully responsible for building a project completed under a lump sum contract, cost plus fee basis or other method.

Construction Management

This method provides an owner with the flexibility by hiring a Construction Manager to act as either advisor, owner’s representative or as a full General Contractor. This approach allows multiple options for the contract cost and fee structure along with options of responsibility for the hiring of subcontractors and suppliers for the project.

Design Build

Design Build is a full team approach with an owner, architect and contractor to design, budget and build a project from conception to completion. This requires mutual collaboration, trust and time investment during all phases of the process.

Pre-construction Services

This service provides an owner with valuable information during the early stages of planning and development of a project. This may include input on constructability, material selections, budgeting, value engineering, scheduling, mechanical systems, site investigations and other desired services.